What is the Career Acceleration Program (CAP)?

This program helps improve your career prospects with virtual internships.

The Career Accelerator Program is an online workplace program. It helps you get the skills and actual work experience through project-based lessons. In the end, you’ll be armed with skills to take shots at top jobs of your choice.

Program Breakdown

The program combines four major activities:

  1. Professional Development: Get to learn workplace skills.
  2. Mentorship: Shadow a professional in your preferred field.
  3. Project Management: You will get to handle high-level projects
  4. Simulation: You will undergo/learn about typical recruitment process

Upon completion, we’ll issue you a completion certificate and you can apply for jobs with it.

Further Questions

1. How long will the program run for?

Every cohort will run for 6 weeks, Monday to Friday.

2. Who’s it for and what’s the value for them?

  • Undergraduates can use the program to build valuable work experience.
  • Final year students get valuable work experience and position for jobs post-graduation
  • Corp members about to pass out can get valuable work experience to use in job negotiations.
  • Graduates looking for a resume boost to help with their shots at top firms
  • People looking to switch careers without any prior experience in their prospective fields.

3. What does this program do for you?

Stop to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you fit for the workplace?
  • Can you do the work that people in your target job do?

This program allows you to test yourself, see and practise the actual skills fit for your target job.

4. How can you apply?

  • Go to cap.edubridgeacademy.com
  • Fill in application
  • Take assessment
  • Get selected
  • Make payment 

5. What is the program flow?

After a successful application and you are selected, you’ll:

  • Undergo a general learning program.
  • Get to choose a focus field.
  • Get matched to an industry mentor. 
  • You’ll receive a virtual manager.
  • You’ll be staffed on work projects.
  • When projects are delivered, you’ll be awarded an online certification of competence.

6. How much does the program cost?

It costs fifty thousand naira only.

7. What are the things you need?

  • A laptop
  • Great internet
  • Locked down time for online business hours.
  • Zoom and Slack apps installed on your phone and laptop.

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