How To Choose A Career Path? We’ve got 4+1 tips

Some people get to know what they want early in life, some others get it later in life. Also, some think they know it but choose something else along the line.

Honestly, there is no singular method to help discover your career path. However, one thing is common to everyone trying to choose a career — we all want to be happy and fulfilled!

Hence, in designing an ideal career path one should focus first on overall fulfillment. Against that background, the first step will be the definition of fulfillment. In a few paragraphs, we’ll explain this and other key steps that will help place you on the right path.

1. Start with a talent list

Let’s get things straight, it’s okay to be confused at this point. No one has it all figured out. With that assurance, you can move from confusion to clarity. To attain clarity, list out the things you find exciting — there’s always something. Also, it doesn’t matter how long that list gets just make sure you write everything down. You can call this your list of interests or talents.

2. Cut things down

Now that you have this beautiful list, it’s time to have a good dance. Probably not. The list is probably filled with so many talents. Hence, you have to give it some thought. Ensure that you take your time with this. Remember, no pressure. After thinking thoroughly, rank your interests and cut down the list.

3. Get some experience

At this stage, you get to explore your final options to find the best-fit. A good way to explore is through volunteering or internships. Through these short-term experiences, with activities that align with your interests, you will gain a lot of insight. This will help with narrowing down further.

4. Make a choice

With your list finally narrowed down, you’ll need to understand how your interests can help solve everyday problems. This knowledge comes with a manner of satisfaction that money cannot provide. This does not suggest that you should settle for less when it comes to pay. By all means, ensure you get compensated properly while you check to also confirm if you’ll be satisfied emotionally with that career path.

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5. Stay confident

Finally, everyday on a chosen career path is another day to find something interesting on that path. Sadly, if you lack confidence you’ll find it hard to explore new and exciting angles of your chosen path. Further, this will prevent you from taking up career related opportunities.

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