How I Landed My First Job

Despite graduating with a first class, I struggled to get a job. Here’s how EduBridge changed my story.In 2016, I graduated from Delta state university, (DELSU). Life brought an interesting twist my way. My service year was in the North from 2017 to 2018.

After my service year, I moved to Lagos to face my biggest fear; kick-starting my career. I applied for any and every job vacancy I found online.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any invitation and I wasn’t sure why. Though I had fears, I had imagined that getting a job won’t be so much of a problem.

I graduated with a first class degree, so I was confident. Alas! Life showed its actual colors.

During my search period, a friend introduced me to EduBridge.

Although, the information I got was that the firm provided training to help graduates get jobs, I found out that EduBridge was so much more.

At EduBridge, I found it exciting to learn. I found myself among people who had schooled under different conditions from mine. Discussing opinions about real national issues challenged me to appreciate the importance of information.

During the program, we were exposed to different tasks. With those tasks, I was able to pick up soft skills like presentation, critical thinking, and most importantly teamwork. Alongside, I picked up a bunch of technical skills. All these would serve as a foundation of growth in the work place much later.

Few weeks into the program, I was informed of various job opportunities. I applied for an internship position, and for the first time I got a real invite. It felt amazing!

The tips from class helped me ace the interview. After 6 months, my employer was very impressed with my performance. To reward my performance, I was converted to a finance associate.

Beyond the career kick-start, I built a strong relationship with some of my class mates. As Alumni, we still help each other out. We are a family, now. All thanks to EduBridge.


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