Do You Want To Join The EduBridge Family

All you need to become a campus ambassador for EduBridge

Who we are

EduBridge Academy is your career advisory, training and support academy ready to help you to kick start your career. Together, we will partner with you to gain the necessary skills for the workplace.

How do we do this?

We understand the gap between the school system and your dream job. As our name implies, we are the bridge for this gap. We provide employability skills for our students to excel at work. Now we’d love you to join us in spreading this message.

Who are the EduBridge Campus Ambassadors?

EduBridge Campus Ambassadors are young and vibrant students who help promote awareness of the EduBridge brand on campuses. They also enjoy access to the best-in-class study experiences.

What would you do?

  1. You will represent the EduBridge brand on your campus.
  2. You will serve as a bridge/information intermediary between us and your colleagues.
  3. You will help with the planning and organization of EduBridge events in their various universities.
  4. You will lead the intelligent delivery of brand campaigns.

What do you enjoy?

1. Mentorship and career advisory opportunities from EduBridge Academy.

2. First hand with professionals from various fields breeding growth and development.

3. Continuous learning from various EduBridge Academy platforms.

4. Branded gifts from EduBridge Academy

Do you want to be a part of us?

Kindly click here and apply. Thanks.

We are a community of people ready to help kick start your career. We’ll partner with you to learn the skills employers love.

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