Beyond Resolutions

A simple guide to help you keep up with your resolutions

It is a new year and you have probably made resolutions for the year. That’s awesome and we are proud of you! Now, let’s talk about new year resolutions. These resolutions stem from a tradition of resolving to continue good practices or change an undesired trait or behaviour.

The intent is usually to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve one’s life. Resolutions can be made for your career or your personal lifestyle. What makes new year’s resolutions great? They allow people to reflect and evaluate their lives while making good enough decisions to help them better their lives.

While resolutions are great, people tend to fall in and out of their resolutions even before the year settles in. So beyond making these resolutions, how do you ensure that you follow through with these plans.

In this article, we will share some practical tips to help you follow through with your beautiful resolution. That new year, new me slogan? We’re going to make it happen this year.

1. Write down all the goals you have

Writing down your goals helps to remind you of what you are trying to achieve. If you can, create a vision board, it helps. We tend to forget ideas and the best way to help with this is by writing it out.

2. Sieve to separate realistic goals from abstract goals

Ensure that you have realistic goals and not abstract goals. For example, you just finished school with no experience and you have a goal of being the Manager of an International Firm in 6 months. Your dreams are valid but your time frame isn’t.

Consistency and hard work are what will bring you closer to your dream. Make sure that your goals are realistic.


3. Break down the big goals into smaller goals

Be more specific with your goals by breaking them down. Do you want to pursue a career in Investment Banking? Highlight the steps you will take to achieving these dreams, write out the courses you need to do or the experience you need to gain.

Don’t just write ‘Goal 1- Become an Investment Banker’. Breaking down the goals helps you with achieving them.

4. Get an accountability partner

You need someone, we all need people in every walk of our life. Get someone who you both can help each other on this journey.

5. No pressure. You’ll flop on some days

Breath and say no to pressure! Don’t let social media, friends or family pressure you. Work at your own pace, some days would be harder than the other, some days would seem less promising. Stay focused on your goals and work towards it.

6. Celebrate and document your wins

Celebrate your wins, write them down. Did you complete a course? That’s a big deal. Every win is a win, whether you classify them as small or big. Who creates this benchmarks for celebrating wins though? Make sure you make a big deal out of every win.

7. Share these wins with those who matter

Remember to share these dreams with people that matter — friends and family that matter.

We wish you a happy new year and a great year ahead!

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